Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Spice and Wolf Season 2 - Episode 1

Spice and Wolf - Brief Summary to get you interested!

"Spice and Wolf" as some of you may or may not know is a show which deals with medieval economics. Boring? Not quite, as the first season proves. At the very beginning, we were introduced to two characters Lawrence, the trader, and Horo, the Wolf Deity who wishes to return back to her hometown, Yoitsu, up north. Currently, Horo is hitch-hiking with Lawrence who is always journeying from town to town for trades. On their journey together, Horo picks up trading skills and learns about currencies from Lawrence while Lawrence benefits from Horo’s charm on other merchants, easing his trades.

Reading over it, it really does sound like a bore. But wait. The entire story is neatly threaded with the ever-growing affection Lawrence and Horo have for each other. Though not exactly a typical tsundere, Horo does have her whacky character traits which is guaranteed to hook you to the show even if you absolutely bitch-hate the whole idea of economics and trading.

It’s not just romance and economics by the way, the show succeeded in keeping me on my toes several times as they introduce in the Church! Dum-dum, Dum-dum, dumdum, dumdum! *Plays the Jaws theme tune* You see, Horo is pagan deity and as soon as the Church finds out about her being on the loose slowly starts to drive away from money shabam and starts to have a little more action. Overall, I’m not sure if I made it seem as great as it actually is but if you’re even vaguely interested you should check out the first season as the second season pretty much directly continues from the first season without any recaps.

How am I planning to blog about this then? Well, for starters, I’m not writing out a summary for each episode again because I’m just too lazy for that plus people check AFTER they watch to confirm some facts, don’t they? So I just plan to write about the general vibe of the episode and write about Lawrence and his trades, should there be any, because I know from experience, it’s tough to get your head around it sometimes since it’s not exactly as straight forward as it seems.
So this is what happened in the first episode:
Don't lie to yourself... This reason we all watch anime. No other form of entertainment is going to give you a naked wolf deity!
Just to explain this bit, Lawrence basically asks Horo to put her tail in the blanket on his lap... Yes, I "Um..."-ed too. Haha, Tail-Job? Anyone?
This adds to my point in the first screencap!

Horo with her full charm on...
... This new guy falls straight for it. Actually, I'm quite glad this happened as in season one the romance seemed to be focused around Lawrence...
The Trading Part as I understood it to be - Simplified:
1. Lawrence tries to sell nails to his friend (guy on the left)
2. The guy is interested despite the fact that his store is a wheat store and offers 10.5 rumiones for the lot.
3. Lawrence thinks it's too cheap. Nails are required goods for the approaching winter.
4. The guy says that the crash in battle equipement due to the cancellation of the Northern military expedition has caused the market for nails to fall as well.
5. Lawrence says that only affects the southern regions. He says that melting metal to create nails during winter would cause the price of firewood to rise. No industry would be willing to do that since it would anger the townspeople. Thus the price of nails shouldn't be affected. He resets the price to 16 rumiones.
6. They bargain for a bit and settle with 14 and 2/3 rumiones.
It felt like a direct continuation of season one which is awesome. The whole feel of the show feels that same and Horo is as cute as ever. Now, with a person interested in Horo things are promising to get exciting. Perhaps, the boy will find out she's not human and the Church will be on their backs again. Anything can happen right now...

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