Monday, 20 July 2009

K-ON! Sound Bite features in Try, Try, Try by Jason Mraz

A teeny-weeny sound clip from K-ON! has sneaked it's way into the new Jason Mraz's single called Try, Try, Try at 0:12 and 1:09 minutes. Is it a troll? I've checked plenty of versions out on the net and they all seem to be the same. It is entirely possible that it was fan-made and got passed on. For the sake of discussion, I'm going to assume it's not...

I've always been a fan of Jason Mraz's work from Geek in the Pink to Wordplay to I'm Yours and now perhaps to Try, Try, Try. I wouldn't have heard of this song if it weren't for my sister who practically worships Jason Mraz. Anyhow, she had me listen to it and I immediately spotted the K-ON! sound bite. Her, being a non-anime-geek, didn't realize that it was actually a sound bite related to anime and thought it said "Hey-Yo" instead. How she mustered up that lame word from K-ON! is still beyond my understanding, but I reckon that the western societies' obliviousness to anime in general is how this little sound bite managed to go by unnoticed.

But why did Jason Mraz do this?

Personally, I love the K-ON! sound bite being in the song, it's extremely amusing to listen to but it just doesn't quite fit with the vibe of the song. From his previous work though, we all know that Jason Mraz is an extremely talented musician/artist and loves to experiment with sound. None of his songs sound the same and they range from him singing opera (in Mr. Curiosity) to his rapid wordplay (in Worldplay). Perhaps this is just another experiment? Or is there another motive?

It could very well be that his decision to put this sound bite in was due to commercial reasons. Perhaps, he's trying to broaden his target market and get some random otakus and other anime-watchers, be it addicted or casual watchers, from all corners of the earth interested in his music! In which case I might actually be helping him out... For now though, we can only speculate until Jason Mraz either tells us or perhaps he'll just leave us to wallow in our conspiracy theories until the hype dies down!

Or maybe, just maybe, Jason Mraz is just another otaku?


  1. If you watch the music video for Geek in the Pink, you'll notice that he's wearing a shirt that says "Otaku". Whether he knows the meaning or not is up to debate.

  2. Oh that would be so beautiful to me

    Oh... me = Mio

    Try = Tsumugi Ritsu Yui


  3. Linking this web, I finally found the answer.
    Because of the sound "K-ON!", I noticed this song. = w =
    If he is really an otaku, I will give him a wave from Taiwan.

    ((Does the lyrics really mean that? (Try~)
    That makes me more interested in this song!