Saturday, 11 July 2009

Current Status: Summer Break

I sure have been inactive for a long, long time. If you've read some posts you'd know that it's been due to exams and such and it's been pretty hectic for all of us lately. However, summer break has arrived! Actually, I've been on holiday since precisely a week ago but haven't been bothered to do anything about the site.

With the new Summer Anime shows rolling in, it's really hard to pick which one I'm going to go with. It's a comprimise between my enjoyment and YOU readers getting lured in! Another factor, I have to consider is that I'm really just another fresh, amateur blogger and thus we are not extremely popular in contrast to Random Curiosity's bloggers (my heroes) and such. Therefore for shows like Canaan, I'll avoid since they will definitely be taken by some other awesome blogger out there which will rank up much higher in the google search. So if I want to actually get YOU in I'll have to take one baby step at a time, so they say...

One small change to the site is that all bloggers apart from TK and myself will be laid off since they are simply dead weight. No real impact on the actual site there though.

Ah, and yes, what shows will I be blogging? I've discussed a bit with TK, and I'm pretty certain we're going to take up Needless, Spice and Wolf II, and perhaps one more... I will be blogging the two mentioned for the first couple of episode as TK is currently away on holiday with his family and hopefully if he isn't lazy, he'd pick it up from me!

Phew, that was a long one.


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