Sunday, 15 March 2009

Spring 2009 Anime Preview

Springs approaching! And as the Winter 2009 Anime draws to a close, the spring one will take over, here are some of the animes that will be shown. (I don't think the list is complete yet).
I've nicked off a forum which I use:

Also, check this out:

The list is still being updated so keep checking...

To be honest, I havent heard of any of the new animes before so I'll probably have to check out the first episode of most and decide which one I'll go through with. As for the OVAs, I'm really looking forward to see the continuation of some series such as To Love-Ru and Spice and Wolf which were great fun to watch last year.

If there are any requests, please don't be shy and tell us!
We'd gladly blog it,

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