Wednesday, 11 March 2009

RideBack - Episode 02

At the beginning of the episode, Suzuri, Shouko and Rin are in the lunch queue talking about the jump at the end of the last episode, with Suzuri over dramatising the event. Once they sit down the co-leaders of the Ride Back club, including Hishida, come over and try and ask Rin to join. Shouko has a go at them for letting Rin ride out of control. The leader, Kataoka Tamayo, all-Japan race winner, searches her up, unable to understand why she could ride so well on her first time. After lunch Rin goes over to the club and sees Tamayo, who tells Rin that she must race her, if she wins then Rin becomes her slave, but if Rin wins she can use Fuego whenever she wants. The race is to take place on Saturday. Over the next week Rin prepares researching all about the Ride Backs on the internet and even asking her brother about them.

When Saturday comes, Tamayo does not believe that Rin will arrive, and Suzuri, dressed up ready to cheer, pompoms and all. Rin finally arrives and the race begins with Suzuri starting it. To everyone’s amazement, Rin keeps up with Tamayo, even using the ‘Spread Legs Form’. Douta Kawai, another co-leader, believes that Rin might win.

At one corner, Rin accelerates too quickly and crashes into the water. Rin quickly gets out and waits for Tamayo to come around again. Around the next corner, while increasing speed spins and jumps around the corner with elegance, this surprises Tamayo and she has to break sharply to avoid a cat. She crashes and hits the wall and goes unconscious.

Sorry for another long summary but there is nothing I can miss out, as the entire episode is incredible and interesting. My opinion of this episode was another brilliant effort from the Ride Back makers and they enjoyed every minute. The race pushed me to the edge of my seat and the jump was excellently slowed down again. In my opinion this series is going to be a great one and I cannot wait to watch them all. This series is a must see!

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