Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Maria+Holic - Episode 6-7

Episode 6:
- Physical examination day, obviously Maria fled… Or did he…?
- During the physical examination, Kanoko goes anemic and has to be sent to the Sick Bay due to too many nosebleeds from seeing girls undress.
- Maria turned up… And he had proper bewbs… Hang on a second! I smell something fishy...
- That person happened to be Maria’s twin sister who… Coincidentally attends an all-boy’s school… Boy, what a screwed up family.
- They meet and this is when it gets complicated. The twins argue about who won the contest that their grandmother proposed. Turns out that Maria won, but he forgave his sister and everything returned back to normal.
- The episode ended with a cliffhanger, Honaka (the leader of the Ryuuken followers) got her underwear stolen and Kanoko got blamed for it! This could get Kanoko expelled according to school rules (thou shalt not steal)… Next time we will find out more about the underwear thief!

Episode 7:
- Wow… That was so anti-climatic… They could’ve played on that Black Underwear Mystery a bit more, but no. They ended up going the easy route and blamed it on that retarded dog.
- This episode was all about Inamori Yuzuru, the quiet archery girl, feeling left out since Momoi became Kiri’s friend and started to hang around together a bit more.
- The whole problem was because Momoi and Kiri wanted to buy Yuzuru her birthday present… A bit too convenient and typical, don’t you think?

In terms of comedy, episode 6 was hilarious and the character development there was simply awesome. Episode 7 was a bit of a let down on the comedy side and since I really didn’t care about the supporting characters (apart from the main Ryuuken follower) this episode was dead boring. As for Kanoko, she was “a hopeless pervert as usual”. I hope the pace will begin to pick up sooner or later since we’re already slightly over half way through the series… T.T

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