Monday, 16 March 2009

RideBack - Episode 3

The Episode starts off with Suzuri trying to ride a Ride Back. However, she crashes. They explain how Fuego is not right for the race as the Ride Back does not fit the “regulations”. Then the race starts. During the warm up laps, Rin thinks that she it doesn’t feel right and they have to make some quick adjustments. Race begins but Rin fails to start well at all. After the first half, Hishida pulls out the ACS cord and she starts to perform a lot better than before. In the middle they start to discuss the introduction of the “White Ride Backs” for police. Kataoka gets shoved off the road by one of the purple brothers but manages to get back up and race on after the other. Rin’s engine blows near the end when she gets into 3rd place and Tamayo wins the race and they have a drink to celebrate. Suzuri gets drunk and clingy.
I thought that not much happened in this episode, being the reason why it was a lot shorter then the others. I enjoyed it all the same. The race as nice and the right length, not too long and the disappointment when the engine blew was well timed. Good overall!
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