Sunday, 8 March 2009

Maria+Holic - Episode 2-3

For the sake of catching up to the most recent episode, I will do two summaries in one post in order to save time and catch up faster. This will be done in note format, so that you can use it as reference. I'll try to release at least a post a day until I catch up with the most recent episode. From then on, I can finally do Kurokami catch up with it as well, so I hope you don't mind!
Episode 2:
We finally get to see the Opening Theme of Maria+Holic, link to youtube? It captured the essence of the show (well what we’ve seen of the show) quite well! Anyway, this episode was an episode about the first day of school for Kanoko and as expected Maria was there to ruin Kanoko’s day. Lots of new (most minor) characters were introduced.

Main events:
- Kanoko’s stomach growled in the middle of the assembly and Maria covered up for her.
- After the assembly, Ryuuken (Kanoko’s first roommate before Maria invaded) apologized; this was quickly resolved with the presence of Maria and his bullshit.
- Finally, at the end we are hinted that Kanoko has genuinely fallen in love with Maria.

Episode 3:
- Maria plays a prank on Kanoko by putting some random creature in her bag spiraling her into her hysteric panic state. Also Maria lends her his rosario.
- Ryuuken followss are back again to terrorize Kanoko with Meat Broth Jelly!
- Ryuuken followers stole the rosario and pretended to throw it out the window.
- Kanoko was left outside finding it in the rain until Kiri-shan saves her.
- Kiri-shan tells the followers that Kanoko is her girlfriend.
- Ryuuken offers the protect Kanoko… From Maria? The Followers? No… From the Seaweed Monster!

The two episodes were actually pretty interesting and littered with comedy left, right and centre. I reckon it showed a decent amount of charcter developement to keep us from getting bored. The thing I'm slight, just slightly, worried about is whether the nosebleed scenes by Kanoko are going to become abit old... I'm enjoying them now, but they're overplaying it abit... Too much... Perhaps?

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