Monday, 9 March 2009

Maria+Holic - Episode 4-5

Episode 4:
- Ryuuken really did stick to her word… Maybe a little bit too much.
- Other girls get jealous and Ryuuken followers revert back to their old selves.
- Kiri-shan only said that they were dating to help her. She says it again in this episode to Ryuuken to stop her stalking Kanoko in a kendo uniform.
- And finally we had a bit of Maria fan-service in a maid costume T.T

Episode 5:
- Kanoko gets elected as class representative… With Kiri-san as her assistance… More misunderstanding on Ryuuken’s part.
- Maria also happens to be class-rep.
- In the episode, Kanoko also tries to befriend Kiri… But fails epically.
- The other half was about dormitory life and hiding forbidden objects from the dorm mistress.

The character development continued with it's steady pace which is fine by me. What really sucks me into Maria+Holic isn't really it's yuri stuff, but more the comedy and raw enjoyment of watching Kanoko end up in ridiculous (almost slapstick) situations. So far, so good...

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