Friday, 3 April 2009

This ain't a pretty Spring Anime 2009 preview

Well, I lied in the title... The list itself is superb. But mine is crap. Sorry for the lack of pictures. No time, and the animes that I'm giving a preview for are coming out as we speak, so really, there's no point. But for the sake of post here you go. BE WARNED! This is still in raw format... Possibility of pictures later... Only if I have time.

This is the link you can check to see sumarries and RAW PVs of the new animes this spring:
As for what I'm (Stress on "I" as other bloggers on our site will have different tastes in anime) going to be looking at this spring:

Queens Blade - Rurou no Senshi:
Purely because it's ecchi.

Pandora Hearts:
Sick and twisted Alice in Wonderland? Hoorah! Sounds sadistic!

Tayutama -Kiss on my Deity-:
Another ecchi, Kannagi-ish anime?? Except it looks like it's leaning towards the cute typical ecchi side.

Hatsukoi Gentei:
Another Ichigo 100%... Maybe I'll just watch this one to wind-down.
Shangri-LaI'm most interested in this one! Futuristic and modern plus it looks like it's going to comment on what the future would be like with the whole global warming issue going on right now. That with some action looks like my cup of tea.

Asura Cryin':
I posted the PV yesterday. I'll check it out despite the fact that I have no clue what direction this anime is taking.

Valkyria Chronicles:
Initially absoultely no interest in this but after seeing it ranked by the people who took the survey of'll probably check it out...!

They call it "Bigfoot Basketball" which takes place on a planet called "Earthdash". I probably won't cover this one, but uytr77 is keen on futuristic mecha stuff so I guess he'll be interested.

If you scroll down a bit, you'll porbably see the K-ON Trailer I posted. I probably won't have to say but I will cover this, just because it looks super cute!

That, by the way, is a list of what I'm interested in. I'll probably check out more than this but I won't take up anymore than 2 - 3 series due to exams. T.T

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