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K-ON! - Episode 1

Character Introduction (Characters don't actually dress like this in the show!):
By the way, I refuse to use wiki's summary because some of the character traits weren't revealed in the episode and there was a lot of detail in the instruments they played, if you're interested you should check it out! But I think it'd be revealed later on. Plus it'd be nice to slowly see them develop, you know?

She's Yui Hirasawa. Our cute, clumsy, air-head protagonist. She can't play any instrument but somehow gets
sucked into the Light Music Club. She picks up the guitar as a result and joins the band.
Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of this particular personality archetype. Clumsiness doesn't strike me as cute. But I know half the fan-boys who are watching this are loving this.

Tsumugi Kotobuki is the band's keyboardist ( Is that a word? T.T). She's polite and quiet. She joined the Light Music Club because she thought that it'd be fun.
The quiet one... Cute... But nothing out of the norm.
Also I got one point to criticise... Don't you think she has the thickest eyebrows for an anime character?!
Maybe it'll start a new fetish... Who knows?

Ritsu Tainaka is the most hyper-active person in the show, despite this she is a competent leader and a drummer. She also the head of the Light Music Club.

My second favourite character. A loud-mouth, comedy-baiting character. She is pretty cute in her own hyperactive way.

Mio Akiyama, she is officially my favourite character in the show. Everyone out there. HANDS OFF! She's MINE! RAWR. =.=
Um... Oh yeah, the intro:
She's the band's bassist and got dragged into the club by Ritsu. I see her as a tsundere character (well, not quite... Her pesonalities hard to describe as "shy" would be the wrong word to use. She's not exactly shy... Well, so far she hasn't had any "blush" moments). But anyway, I'm a sucker for tsunderes.
SO BACK OFF! grrrr...
OP (Cute OP):

A fresh start at a new highschool, Yui wakes up late but manages to make it in time to the opening ceremony. After that she is swamped by Head of School Clubs begging her to join their club. A couple of weeks later she still can't decide.

Meanwhile, Ritsu takes over the Light Music Club which has been inactive due to lack of members for a while. Mio is dragged in to the whole affair and so is Tsumugi who initially came to have "a look around".

Yui finally decides to join the Light Music Club thinking that the music they play will be "light" e.g. using clappers. But no, they needed a guitarist. A capable guitarist. However, because the club is desperate for members, they convince Yui to stay with food and then finally convincing her to join the club by playing her a piece which was deemed crap but very fun by Yui. She now has to learn the guitar from scratch. We'll have to wait and see how that turns out!

(Simply AWESOME! Goth Lolis are always welcomed X.X Especially because Mio is singing!)

Next Episode - Buying a guitar!

You know what, when I was six, I used to get so hyped up for Christmas and Birthdays. But it just never really turned out as good as you had hoped. You catch me drift? That’s how I feel about K-ON! Expecting too much was wrong on my part, after all it’s in the “slice of life, high school” genre. The nature of this particular genre is that viewers have to slowly build a relationship with characters. When we can relate and understand all the “in-jokes”, that’s when it starts to get good. And judging from episode one, it promises to get good!
It's a show for anyone out there who enjoys a cheeky bit of slice of life and comedy. Plus, it's literally impossible for a guy to not fall in love with at least one of the characters as they range from one end of the spectrum to the other in terms of personality traits and appearance.
So GO WATCH IT! [At least the first episode!]

Side note:
Yui bears resemblance in character and appearance to Tsukasa Hiragii (from Lucky Star). Hmmm…. Coincidence? I think not!
Many people have been mentioning the similarities of K-ON! characters and Lucky Star characters around the net... Is KyoAni recycling?!

Because I love it!

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