Thursday, 23 April 2009

K-ON! - Episode 3

“Guitar strings are scary, they’re thin and hard, so the feel like they’ll cut my fingers” says Yui igniting a conversation in the club room which eventually leads to our delicate Mio screaming. Yui then “feels up” Mio’s hardened figures. When the whole finger affair had ended, Yui was given a book of chords to learn however she couldn’t even understand them and was taught by Mio.

On the way back from school, Yui was greeted by Nodaka and was reminded about midterm exams which had completely slipped her mind due to intense chord learning. As expected from Yui, she completely flunks the exam getting a solid 2% whilst the other in the club get extremely good grades. As a result, Yui has to retake her exams. But retaking and failing the exams again means that Yui will not be allowed to attend club activities which means… the Light Music Club will have to be dissolved! Nooooo… So Yui is encouraged by everyone in the club to work a week before the retake. But her revision ends up into a room tidying session (C’mon, who hasn’t done that?) and she gets nearly no work done. On the night before the exam she confesses this to the club and they form an urgent revision session at Yui’s house with Mio as the driving force behind this cram session.

At Yui’s house, the band meets Ui, Yui’s sisters who is extremely polite and constantly serves them snacks while they help Yui revise. Ritsu is Ritsu and therefore disrupts the session and was eventually kicked out by Mio. Half way through Nodaka comes to visit and meets the band for the first time. After a while, they get on with the revision session and the next day after the exams Yui enters the club room in shock...

She aced her retake.

Preview – Looks like they’re having a slumber party disguised as a music practice camp!

K-ON! has not disappointed me. Every week I expect more and more, and every week they manage to surpass my expectations. To be fair, it's only been 3 weeks. But still, I am full of praise so much that if I keep going at it I’ll probably make you sick so I’ll share some of my thoughts that popped up while I watched it.

My first thought when I saw Ui was “NAGISA! YOU’RE BACK!”. Her character personality is pretty much exactly the same. My KyoAni character recycling theory seems to be true. I sure don’t mind though.

Also, it looks like we’re going to have a meganekko (i.e. Nodaka) to join our moe band.

The K-ON! Manga… About that… Don’t try it. I tried a couple of chapters and it exactly the same as the anime in terms of story, characters, and jokes. So anime easily kicks the manga’s butt because half of the jokes require timing and good execution which the manga obviously lacks. The art in the anime is way nicer too. Check out chapter one if you don’t believe me.

And finally about Mio, I take back what I said in the first post… She’s not a tsundere. It’s weird though. She does exhibit some tsundere-ness especially towards Ritsu… Mio’s more of a shy or alternatively “delicate” person. Not your garden variety tsundere which makes her absolutely awesome. I reckon we should have a Mio day. Here an awesome picture by some artist (IF YOU KNOW PLEASE COMMENT, AS I WOULD LIKE TO CREDIT HIM/HER) which I’m currently using as my iPod Touch background.

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