Friday, 17 April 2009

K-ON! - Episode 2

After a little bit more character introduction with Yui narrating, the band decide to meet up and pick a guitar for Yui. Unfortunately, Yui lacks money even with her piggybank supply. She asks for her pocket money early from her parents and ended up with 50,000 yen (equal to roughly 500 dollars). The next day, the meet up and go pick a guitar from the music store with plenty of distractions such as dresses and drinks along the way. She falls in love with a 250,000 yen guitar and refuses to get anything else. Knowing that Yui is firm with her decision, the band then decide to get jobs in order to earn enough money for Yui to get that guitar
Only Yui can come up with something like that.
They get jobs as a Traffic Counter (is that even a job?). At the end they don't earn enough money and realize that it would take way too long. Yui gives up on the idea and decides to pick a regular guitar. Fortunately Tsugumi's parents own the store and she manages to bargain the 250,000 yen down to a perfect 50,000 yen. The episode ends with some light hearted comedy back at the club room involving Yui and her obsession with the newness of the guitar.
Next episode looks like exams are coming up!
It was a perfect second episode. I didn't expect Yui to suddenly become amazing or have her progressed significantly to hear a song. The pacing is perfect. It's good that they're really building everything up one block at a time. This way, we'll be able to see Yui and the band's development and this way, we (as the viewer) will really start to empathise with the character and laugh or cry alongside them. KyoAni has done it again... It's true, anything KyoAni touches turns into anime gold.
And I haven't even seen all of their work! Download The Episode Here:

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