Monday, 23 November 2009

That's it.

I don't know what's taken me so long. I should have admitted this fact ages ago, but there was always that "What if I want to start it again? What if people really enjoy it?" at the back of my mind. Realistically though, that's not going to happen. So for those who still haven't a clue what I'm announcing still... I'll tell you.

As of today, I will begin the permanent cessation of all blogging activity. Yes that's right, I quit. Why? 'Cause I'm a quitter.

The real reasons are typical as you'd expect them to be... I'm older now, more work, more responsibility. So there you have it. Honestly, it's been fun. This was my first "online project" I've taken by myself and even assembled a couple of friends. But hey, it didn't work out...

Now, I have the experience and got the know-hows, it won't be long (I hope) before I embark on another project similar to this as I genuinely enjoy this sort of thing.

There you have it folks, thanks for all you who have visited and even those who have followed and favourited this humble blog! It means a lot and every visit kept me going just that bit longer... By the way, I always go by the name "Goggy", so you'll know how to look out for me if you so wish to.



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