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Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2 - Episode 1 (Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody)

"Lies". you say. "Lies".
Heck, that's what I said too, until my eyes were wrenched open this morning by the sweet words that wrote:
Posted by CrownedClown on Thursday May 21st, 2009 "
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[Technically season 2 should be named "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya" in accordance with the light novel]

Episode title: "Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody"
It's true. Believe it.
I might post on some pictures and a summary later but I just really wanted to write down my thoughts first. By the way, I'm still on a break from blogging, exams are still edging closer by the second. This is just one of those special occasions that I just can't afford to miss out blogging on.
Anyone who watched the first season would know that the show was not broadcasted chronologically which meant the story leapt around here and there and it allso made sense in the end. Basically what they're doing this time is rerunning season 1 chronologically while filling in some missing links with some episodes of season 2 and adding on to the story. Here's how it works out:
Melancholy I (S1)
Melancholy II (S1)
Melancholy III (S1)
Melancholy IV (S1)
Melancholy V (S1)
Melancholy VI (S1)
Boredom (S1)
Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody (S2)
Mysterique Sign (S1)
Lone Island Syndrome I (S1)
Lone Island Syndrome II (S1)
Endless Eight (S2)
Sighs I (S2)
Sighs II (S2)
Sighs III (S2)
Sighs IV (S2)
Episode 00 (S1)
Live Alive (S1)
Day of Sagittarius (S1)
Someday in the Rain (S1)
Disappearance I (S2)
Disappearance II (S2)
Disappearance III (S2)
Disappearance IV (S2)
Disappearance V (S2)
Charmed at First Sight LOVER (S2)
Snow Mountain Syndrome (S2)
Where Did the Cat Go? (S2)
[This list comes from an unverified source]
It was an awesome episode that literally yanked out and revived the supressed obsession and craze I always had for the show during season. It was the perfet episode to get back into Haruhi again. I haven't been watching te reruns so this episode just felt like a floater to me. It really didn't have anything to do with anything but paradoxically it had everything to do with everything in the story. You know what I mean? I'll probably rewatched the season one in the order posted above sometime soon.
Over the net there have been some whiney bitches whining about the quality of the art. I only just realized the teeny-weeny drop in quality when I looked over again and really tried to look out for it. The bottom line is, really, it doesn't matter. The general vibe, the jokes, and Hirano Aya's voice is still the same which fundamentally is what this series is all about!
Sure, it could've been slightly better in terms of the art quality. But don't let those whiney cynics get you down. Their cynicism is contagious.

There's one slight problem here though and it concerns K-ON!... As soon as Mio-ism starts to prosper, what does KyoAni do? They make Haruhi come back on stage diverting the spotlight from K-ON! and pushing everyone aside. Once again allowing the countless Haruhist to bathe in her sheer radiance.
Let's be honest, K-ON! is different from Haruhi. But no matter how good it is in it's own little sub-genre, it can't beat Haruhi, even with the moe blob. Haruhi is, and always will be, superior.
That's the problem here. KyoAni isn't really letting K-ON! shine. It deserves the spotlight and the past few weeks with K-ON! doujins have been sprouting up everywhere across the world wide web.With Mio's sheer moe power, K-ON!, without the influence of Haruhi and with the undivided attention of the fans, would easily rise in bloom in the anime world.

"Even with Mio's Moe Beam, it's not quite enough to take down Haruhi."

Haruhi is just in a different league from everyone else.

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