Thursday, 16 April 2009

Queen's Blade - Episode 2 ~ WARNING

What happened in this episode?
-Story is starting materialize with alliances being formed and more characters introduced.
- More bewbs... Not as much as last time though... Sadly.
- Yes, a horny toad with cloth-dissolving saliva attacks Shrine Priestesses (a whole lot of them...)
- And so the legend of the toad rapist began...

CLICK HERE TO SEE SPOILERS: View at your own discretion...

I'm glad to see that Queen's Blade is as shabby as ever making it a hilarious watch. They sure do play a lot on horny otaku fetish though, methinks... Shrine priestess toad rape?!
What's next?
To be honest this show is shabby, but we are a new blog and we need our viewers... Site Meter has revealed that half of the traffic is coming from you cheeky fellas searching up Queen's Blade on Google. Therefore, we will be carrying on with the Queen's Blade posts and more kinky pictures every week!
So keep 'em comin'!


  1. ¡Poor mikos! ¡Nobody thinks of the mikos! T_T

  2. T.T ... Not the moe type as one would expect... Sadly... It's been a pain in the butt in finding a direct download for the 3rd episode... Torrents ain't working where I am...
    Anyone know of any?

    Rincewind... You have officialy posted the sites first comment. Grats!