Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Natsu no Arashi! - Episode 1

It’s a strange story, boy meets girl, and boy lets her stay at his house with his grand father, but the girl has time traveling powers. Hmm, well it’s pretty interesting but I’m not a big fan of their style of drawing, it’s a bit too simple for me.

It starts of with a boy, Hajime Yasaka who creates a ‘strawberry bomb’ for a school prank, now this bomb looks like an ordinary strawberry, but inside contains a mixture of hot spices and things that would probably give you a very bad stomach ache. The girl with the time traveling powers, Sayoko Arashiyama, lives with Hajime and his grand father, and they then find out that some of his strawberry bombs are missing, one of them eaten my his grand father who is lying on the floor with a half bitten ‘strawberry’ in his hand.
Together they work at a café where several other characters are introduced, Kaja, the woman with white hair and very lady like manners, and Sayaka the owner of the café.

The center of this whole story is the strawberry bomb, which goes missing during different times of the day in the same place. Sound confusing? Yeah I think so too.

Also, Arashi and Kaja share the same time traveling power. Kaja gets mad about someone eating her strawberry cake or something, so she goes back in time to save her strawberry cake which has the strawberry bomb on it, unintentionally placed there by Hajime. Even that sounds confusing to me!


The story and the plot are messy and difficult to understand, I don’t really like it to be honest. And the art isn’t spectacular; I think it’s too simple and sometimes looks distorted, like they drew it in a hurry, just my thoughts aloud. The jokes were okay, but not great. I also think that, Hajime looks out of place because of his nose, and his glasses, I’d say he doesn’t really fit in with the anime here. Overall, it’s a great idea for a story but it’s not the kind of anime that you watch and go ‘wow!’

I’ll give this anime another chance and watch the second episode, just in case it gets any better.

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