Saturday, 25 April 2009

K-ON! - Episode 4

After having picked up a tape of the previous Light Music Band recordings at a concert, Mio puts her foot down and realizes that it's time to practice, and practice hard. Her solution in making the band improve? Training camp! Where? Tsumugi's villa by the beach. What does this mean? Yes, you all know it well, swimsuits and bikinis!

As expected from Yui, she sleeps in on the day but some how manages to make it in time all thanks to Ui. After a bit of banter in the train, they arrive at Mio's "smallest" villa which happens to be humungous. Mugi shows Mio to the garage which has been prepped up for the band with drums and all.
Mio wants to buckle down with the practice right away but the happy-go-lucky pair, Yui and Ritsu, head off to the beach and Mugi follows. So due to peer pressure, Mio helplessly follows them.

Yui and Ritsu play around at the beach until they were interupted by Mio. And her boobs. Thank you KyoAni...
More of Ritsu scaring Mio about barnacles... Later, they realize they hadn't done any practice!

Yui and Ritsu were too tired to do any practice which is when Mio says something along the lines of "we'll never be able to play at the school festival". The two happy-go-lucky-ers suggest doing a maid cafe instead. Hence the extremely cute picture of Mio with a heart symbol.
Thank you KyoAni...
While taking a break outside everyone surprises Mio by setting up fireworks and having Yui play the guitar which sort of like a milestone in the story giving Mio the reassurance that it really can happen.

Ritsu teases Mio more about Barnacles and Ghosts and Mio ends up crying as you can see. Yui and Ritsu are stunned with Mio moe-ness (they aren't the only one, heck, I was about to explode). After that Yui shows off some of her skills she has accumilated through 3 months of guitar playing and amazes everyone. They, then, have a bath in what looks like a swimming pool to end the long day.
Thank you KyoAni...
After the trip, Ritsu brings Mio some pictures. Mio doesn't like 'em. So she kills Ritsu.

Preview - Nodoka to be the band's advisor?

Wow... I'm pissed off... Yes... Really, really pissed off... Why? Here's why... I only just realized that K-ON! is only 13 episodes long according to A show like this deserves, no, NEEDS to be longer. I'm slightly disappointed with how short it is since it's such great fun to watch. But there's nothing we can do about it now.

This episode, itself, was the best. Just simply the best. Mio had a huge role in this episode and I can not even begin to tell you how moEpic Mio was. (See what I did thar?). Mio with a sad/angry face, Mio in a maid costume, and Mio in a bikini. All in one episode. I'm about to explode.

K-ON! still manages to surpass my unreal expectations.
Just one teeny-weeny point of criticism, Yui's unrealistic development of skill on the guitar was... Unrealistic. If they had made it a 24 or more episode series the gradual development would have been perfect. But I guess this is the only way to begin the transition from nooby Yui to pro Yui.

Thinking over it, a 13 episode series may be quite suitable as the jokes may get old since it is a slice of life in it's own right and there is no real plot to keep us glued to the screens. There are arguments for both sides I guess... I still wish it were longer.
But this episode has been a generous gift of Mio fanservice. Once again,
Thank you KyoAni!

With tears streaming down her face, Mio says sadly "Only 13 episodes..."

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